Producing A Low-Cost Fuel through Using Sea water by two Researchers at Israa University
تاريخ النشر : | 8/31/2016 12:52:33 PM

Gaza – Public Relations Department.

The researchers Dr. Alaa Maslim and Dr. Abdel Fattah Qaraman at Israa University have developed a compound, low-cost and useful fuel of various energy production stations and heating, and helps in scrimping using of conventional and petroleum fuel.

The mastered research has been published in the international magazine for energy researches and environment issued in the United Kingdom (UK) in its third number of August 2016.

Dr. Alaa Maslim the researcher in Mechanical Engineering at Israa University showed that the essential idea of the research is based on mixing sea water and powder coal (CWF) to extract the compound fuel. He emphasized that the importance of the research lies in the possibility benefit of the affordable and large global stored of coal to produce this fuel which component of sea water steam with diesel and coal powder and other chemical substances that help to full professionalism of the fuel.

Also he mentioned that the compound fuel can be used in various thermal stations to produce energy and heating. And the fuel doesn't require a change in the technology inventiveness, which is designed on the basis of diesel engines currently used.

In addition, he stated that the research results presented that adding sea water of 30% of steam to coal powder accomplished a higher thermal efficiency and lower economic cost.

In the same context, Dr. Abedl Fattah Qaraman the researcher in Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry explained that this compound fuel-friendly environment where led to reduce emission of harmful nitrogen and carbon gases.

And he also stressed that the research took a full year and has been done in two stages, the first held outside the country because the lack of the available resources, and the second was conducted with support from Israa University inside home. Also he explained that the compound has been tested in Electricity generation stations outside the country and has proved a great efficiency.

Furthermore, he emphasized his willingness to produce this fuel inside the home in case of providing the required support and capabilities by relevant experts.

This research comes as a continuation of Israa University in interest of researches that fit the urgent needs which serve society and environment.